WWE Diva Jillian Hall – Biography, Photos and More

WWE Diva Jillian Hall bio & News

Jillian Hall was born in 1980 and is a ravishing American trained and skilled wrestler. She is well recognized for her performances as a Diva in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). This blonde beauty has also served as an instructor in one of the renowned clubs of WWE.

Hall started her wrestling career in 1998 and carried out free endorsements and sponsorship under the name of Macaela Mercedes. She took part and came first in many contests prior to functioning for Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2003 under the real name of Jillian Faye Fletcher.

Diva Jillian Hall Biography

Real Name: Jillian Faye Fletcher

Popular Name: Jillian Hall, Macaela Mercedes

Date of Birth: September 6, 1980

Place of Birth: Ashland, Kentucky, USA

Address: Orlando, Florida, USA

Occupation: Diva, Wrestler

Nationality: American

Jillian succeeded to come first in the WWE Divas Championship in 2009, but went down to another wrestler on that very night. She lost her agreement with WWE in 2010. She is also a singer. She launched her foremost music album, way back in 2007.

The hot female wrestler served an active cheerleader as an adolescent and taught gymnastics. She passed out of her high school and joined college. In her pursuit of getting trained as an expert and certified wrestler, she gave up college and also modified her name.

Hall is separated from her husband and has a daughter. She got betrothed to a talented wrestler, John Toland in 2009, broke up with him and married Mike Farole in 2010. She got pregnant with Mike’s baby and experienced a premature abortion of the baby while she was fourteen weeks into her pregnancy.

Jillian was imprisoned by the police in Orange County, Florida in April 2012 on the allegations of battery, a crime with respect to making illegitimate bodily contact with another. She is now no longer with her husband and boasts of her past achievements.


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