Worst and Horrifyingly Inappropriate Places to take a Selfie

Worst Places to take selfies

The selfie fever is still quite popular with every person young and old. People have found various alternatives to the ever in demand selfie to spice things up the notches. What’s more, people now don’t even need a reason to take a selfie, even the bathroom mirror seems to be a good spot! But hey, watch out for these super-bad places to click a selfie, and learn! Looking at these people I winder for real in what world do we live in? People have lost their senses when it comes to deriving thrill and joys from life. All we can see is madness, amongst some hope when we see the better selfies!

Selfie In Front of a Dead Body/ In a Morgue

Sensitivity seems to be missing when you see this selfie being taken in a morgue with a dead body. What was this lady even thinking!!!???? I can’t even seem to realize the thrill behind snapping yourself in such deadly conditions….

Selfie In front of a dead body

Selfie In front of a dead body

In the Middle of a Funeral

So yes, the one that has passed away may be a very distant relative whom you may not have liked or liked very much and you may want to keep a remembrance just for keeps sake, so she found it appropriate to take that selfie! Huh!

Selfie In the Middle of a Funeral

Selfie In the Middle of a Funeral

While Driving Car

You are behind the wheel of a car that is being driven by the selfie-r – so this young lady wanted to tweet that she is going to school and maybe didn’t find the time to click and post her selfie sooner than when she began driving her way out of home! Not that I wanted to know too!

Selfie while driving car

Selfie while driving car

In Front of a Plane Crash Site

Yes, her plane crashed and she miraculously survived, but she found it very important to let the whole world know that she is fine and it was only the plane that crashed, not her phone!

Selfie in front of a plane crash site

Selfie in front of a plane crash site

Before Robbing a Restaurant

In front of the bathroom mirror of the venue that is about to be robbed, by the selfie-r! – this one takes the cake! I find it to be the height of the selfie addiction and also of stupidity! These girls, as it was later found out, were nabbed with the help of this very selfie which they posted before the loot of a restaurant which they had planned. Talk about girls showing off all they got!

Selfie Before Robbery

Selfie Before Robbery

In Front of a Burning House

Insensitivity to the max when you click a selfie in front of a burning house where a rescue operation is under way, the fire department is in a frenzy while you shamelessly click away at your smiling face..

Selfie in front of a burning house

Selfie in front of a burning house

With Animals – Especially the Unpredictable Types

This camel seems like it is just about to bite off the head of the selfie-r, being careful around animals will not hurt.

Selfie with unpredictable  animals

Selfie with unpredictable animals


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