Girls This is Why You Must Wear a Washed Underwear EVERYDAY!

this is why you should wear a washed panty EVERYDAY!

“Always wear clean underwear, what if you had an accident?”- an old phrase many a moms have repeatedly belted out at their children to keep them aware about the pros of having to wear a fresh, dry, clean piece of underwear every day. You definitely would not want anyone (let alone a doctor or nurse, per the phrase) to see you wearing a ratty used pair of underwear! Think about it. Firstly the stains on it, the smell, the stench, the wet feel all put together is reason enough for you to NEVER re-use a pair of unwashed underwear!

Girls, you have noticed the touch, feel, smell of a fresh pair of underwear right? It’s clean, smells neutral or has a flowery fragrance (depending on your detergent), stain-free (if the right effort has gone into doing so) and completely dry. You feel fresh and more active when you wear one.

Then you have a day full of work, chores, shopping, TV or whatever it may be that keeps you busy. You may be going to the loo to empty your bladder probably two or three times in a day. Either ways, at the end of the day when you come home and it’s time to change clothes, your slip on your PJs and a clean shirt and may not change your underwear. Then a few more hours pass by and it’s time to sleep. Stop and notice the condition of your underwear at this stage. It may feel a little wet, slightly stained with your intimate secretions – depending on your health conditions (if you’re having your Ms. Flow days, even more so, owing to leaks) and may smell acidic or have a slight stench to it owing to your health condition – whether you have diabetes, a Urinary Tract Infection, are approaching your menses, have gorged on sweets in the day etc.

You may feel no one is watching or you’re not having sex tonight so you can get away with dirty underwear, you sleep in it too. Do you know, by doing so, you have just invited a host of bacteria, fungal infections, yeast accumulation, vaginal irritations and soreness, sweat induced itchiness and other problems galore? If you’re too lazy to change, the least you can do is sleep without it. Give your privates some peace. If you have an active sex life, these problems will only further make the sex more pain, less fun and not as satisfying. The reason is just dirty underwear.

Please avoid wearing underwear with holes, they already have enough to put your legs through and don’t warrant another. Even if your use panty liner, note that the bacteria which may settle on the fabric of the underwear will go unnoticed and yet do their dirty work, so only changing the panty liner won’t suffice. Dry your underwear in the sun when possible and make it a habit to scrub the inner sides of the panty with your hands when you shower. Maintain intimate hygiene – you owe it to your body.

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