Girls, This is Why You Should Drink Milk Every Night

this is why you should drink milk every night

Apart from your mother getting on your nerves to have milk every day, there are some better reasons why you should drink milk each day, especially every night. You might think you’re a big girl now and don’t need that daily intake of milk, but you’d be glad to know that the key to your beauty sleep which keeps your skin glowing and healthy and also keeps your bones from creaking!

Drink Milk to Stay HealthyDrinking milk at night helps you to fall asleep easily as it has the sleep-inducing amino acid tryptophan. This is why granny tells you to have a glass of warm milk preferably with honey or haldi or plain good, old chocolate. People suffering from insomnia can benefit from drinking some warm milk in the night before they sleep. If you want to keep your stress at bay, it will be beneficial to have a glass of milk in the night. If you suffer from gas problems and acidity issues, a glass of cold milk will help cool you down. You will wake up in the morning as fresh as ever. Though there is a mention of feeling heavy and overfull when you drink milk in the night and some say it causes indigestion, it is a more proven fact that even children are given a little warm milk before they sleep in the night to ensure that their tummies stay full and they don’t wake up till the morning due to hunger.

At night, your body may be inactive but your digestive juices are still churning in the stomach and breaking down the food. In case you are not well, or have not ingested any food before bed for weight loss reasons or even if you don’t have the appetite for any or maybe it’s been too late to have anything at night, it’s advisable that you have some milk and then sleep off, so that your digestive system has some matter to work on and your inner lining of the intestine is not harmed by the acidity that the digestive juices create. Casein in milk is a protein that breaks down very slowly and releases energy in spurts lasting over 5-6 hours, a maximum part of your sleep routine. This ensures that your protein breaking cycle doesn’t take a break. Protein also works in building the cells in the body and addresses repair work of the body at night which is another reason why drinking milk before you sleep in the night is a good idea.

Though I would say it is more of a personal choice whether you want to have milk in the morning or night, depending on whether you want to have it as a part of your breakfast or you prefer it as a dessert (hot chocolate at night or just a glass of milk in the afternoon!), you can maximize your intake of Vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, protein, Vitamin B12 and A and niacin, all for healthy skin, teeth and bones.


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  1. rati 1 year ago

    I am not going to lie, I usually get quite annoyed with my mother when I am forced to drink milk every night. This article has helped me see the reasoning behind this and maybe now I won’t be so hard on her. After all when it came to the flavour and consistency, I always liked it more from Pride of Cows company. I was simply upset with the fact that she insisted that I had it every day. Thanks to this article I now know the benefits and I am actually looking forward to it before I go to bed tonight. Thank you!

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