What Do Girls Really Think While Going Down on a Boy?

What do Girls Really Think While Going down on a Boy?

Girls must stick together, mustn’t they? So here’s where you get the juice about the most intimate, the most i-can’t-talk-to-anyone-but-myself-about-this kind of things and the most important sexual facts that you may be wondering about. What would you be thinking before or at the time of THE moment you must’ve been waiting for with your boyfriend, when you go down on him, make him yours, you know?! We women think differently most of the times from our Adam-appled partners. They may not always be on the same page with us but we hold our ground when we strip naked in the mood. When a girl goes down on her guy, there is havoc in her mind- she is thinking a million things at the same moment in the frenzy.

Let’s share a few thoughts and enjoy a laugh together:

OH MY GOD! This is it! Yes, it just gets hard to believe that the moment has finally dawned, the excitement has peaked and we are both in the same bed!

I’m getting fat! I wasn’t as big last week I’m sure! What must he be thinking of my fat body???? Does he look like he’s disgusted? In fact quite the opposite, I think he’s enjoying measuring me up!

Oh what a physique! He doesn’t show off his assets in the routine days. He is a looker and he is mine!

Ok, breathe! Through the nose that is, stop grunting already!

What perfume is that? He’s got taste! Are my thoughts straying? Oh, that fragrance is turning me on, again!

Does he like what I’m doing? Should I try this move, or this, or that….

What are those noises he’s making? Or is it me? Duh! I’m sure he’s enjoying.

Not so fast, not so hard, not so rough….. don’t get your hands off me though.

Should I make eye contact, should I not! Why has he got to have those madly-in-love eyes!!???!!

Is my hair a mess already? I must search for my hair tie, but now I have both hands full.

My knees hurt already, should we move to a softer plain? Maybe later, this is too great to take a break.

I can’t breathe, can’t breathe!  Need a break really…

He’s touching my hair, he’s tracing his fingers on my face, he handles me so well! Brownie points for him for sure!

He keeps looking at me all the time….. that’s so sweet! He deserves something more special!

He groans and moans when I do this! That’s a pat on the back for me!

I’m good at this…. But wait, its my turn to enslave you next!

I hope my makeup hasn’t spread; else I’d be looking like a ghoul right now, what would he think of me???

And mostly while having our way with the men, and waiting our turn for a ride, we occasionally think of laundry, deadlines, work, maids, the next spa appointment or salon visit!


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