Ujjwala Raut Biography

Ujjwala Raut Biography

Ujjwala Raut is a very successful Indian supermodel who took India by storm when she was just a 17 year old girl. She was a commerce student and highly ambitious. She made it big in the world of fashion and modeling at a very young age and won a coveted title at the 1996 Femina Miss India Contest.

She is considered to be India’s most proficient and talented supermodel and boasts of having been placed among the top 15 in the Elite Model Look of the Year in Nice in 1996. Ujjwala was in the news a few months back for her troubled marriage with Craig Maxwell, a model based in New York.

Raut spent about five years of married life with Craig and broke up after the said period. She has a five year old daughter, Ksha and has moved past her horrendous relationship. She has realized her faults and aims at leading a happy life in the future. However, she still considers giving her love life another chance.

Real Name : Ujjwala Raut

Popular Name : Ujjwala Raut

Date of Birth : June 11, 1978

Place of Birth : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Address : Mumbai and New York

Occupation : Supermodel

Nationality : Indian

Ujjwala Raut looks stunningly hot with a height of 5 feet and 10 inches and has brown eyes and black hair. Her sizzling appearance makes her look younger and she is very caring about her daughter who lives in the United States of America.


She went through terrible times and thoroughly disturbing incidents in her married life and is now engaged in creating the right equilibrium connecting her private and professional life. Raut practices yoga and meditation and has experienced peace and bliss.

During her stay in New York, she stays in contact with some other famous Indian models, like Lisa Ray and Padmalakshmi. When she was asked whether she had been contacted for work by any filmmaker, she decided not to talk about it and is of the opinion that actions speak louder than words.

Ujjwala has a sister, called Sonali and parents who have been very supportive of her. Her father was a policeman and her mother was a housewife. She has reached the pinnacle of global success and has walked the ramp and participated in the Mumbai Fashion Week in India and other fashion shows abroad.


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