Tulshibaug – Favorite Fashion Destination of Punekars

Tulshibaug - Favourite Fashion Destination of Punekars

If you are a Punekar (a local or a person living in Pune), then there a few things about Pune that you will be proud of. Firstly the language, then the food and then places like Tulshibaug, Laxmi Road and FC Road for shopping! Talking about Tulshibaug, it is one of those places that functions as a one-stop shopping destination for all your needs. Whether you want to buy cosmetics or linen, hosiery or décor, footwear or toiletries, Tulshibaug proves to be the oldest and the most loved shopping destination of the average buyer.

Tulshibaug gets its name from the famous Tulshibaug Wada that is located close by. It is a temple of Lord Ram, Ganpati and Shiva. The temple and the surroundings area was once the property of the Tulshibaugwale family, Naro Appaji Tulshibaugwale built the temple. In order for the women of the family and the area to shop in close vicinity of their homes, a few shops were set up near the Wada, and this is how the foundation of Tulshibaug was laid that we know now. Today, this network of lanes is home to various big and small shop owners who showcase their products in several hundred stalls and shops.

Shopping at Tulshi Baug Pune

Shopping at Tulshi Baug Pune

If you are looking for boutique styled stuff, then this is not the place where you should shop. Clothes bought here generally become a trend easily owing to their low prices with the college going teens. Here the crowd mostly consists of youngsters, middle class families and small time entrepreneurs as the quality of the products are good, they are available in large quantities and the price tags are negotiable. You need to be great at bargaining as every shopkeeper will be willing to sell you at competitive rates, so how much you buy and at what rates is solely in your hand. Things that you can easily find at Tulshibaug are puja items, footwear, bindis, makeup kits, bentex, imitation jewellery, crockery and utensils, house hold appliances, handbags and linen. The wholesale shops here sell you bulk quantities at even lower rates.

Other than shopping, Tulshibaug is renowned for the eateries it is home to. The vada pav centre at the entrance of the shopping area, Hotel Agatya, Kawre ice cream parlor and Shree Krishna Bhuvan known for its supremely tasty missal are favorite eating hangouts for many. Once you have shopped till you drop, you can refuel yourself to shop a little more maybe at these outlets! There are many other smaller eateries set up all across the business center which are always crowded with youngsters and elders alike, so this place is never empty or closed or sleeping or not ready for business.

Before and during the festivals, you must visit Tulshibaug to experience the bouts of energy and loads of enthusiasm as the whole place is lit up, decorated and already in the mood for festivities and that is a sight you mustn’t miss at all! Just beware of pick-pockets and keep your children in sight owing to the huge crowds!


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