Best 5 – Early Home Pregnancy Urine Test Kits With Price & Other Useful Details

Early Pregnancy Detection Kits

We all are aware of the fact that how important pregnancy test kit is in today’s time as these kits gives an opportunity to a woman to detect whether she is pregnant or not. Motherhood is every woman’s dream and this makes a woman curious to know whether she is pregnant or not. If you are very keen to know the answer before even visiting a doctor or telling your hubby these pregnancy detection kits are best.

A pregnancy test kit consists of a pregnancy strip that uses a chemical sensitive to hormone hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), secreted by the Trophoblast cells of the fertilized ovum (egg). The secretion of this hCG hormone begins within 6-15 days of conception. One can detect this hormone in the urine.

When to Take a Pregnancy Test?

Whenever in doubt. Well, sometime it might happen that protection may not work or you may forget to take the pills after the joyful experience leading to pregnancy. In such cases, pregnancy test kit serves you in getting the results within no time and in avoiding discrepancies.

How to Use Pregnancy Test Kit?

Many women have this question in mind – how to check pregnancy at home by using home pregnancy test? For this, the urine drop has to be dropped on the strip and if the color of the strip changes to red (or any specific color as mentioned in the instructions), it signifies that the women is pregnant. To ensure effective result, you must test the first urine after waking up in the morning. Avoid taking coffee or tea before the test as it may alter the results.

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You can easily find the pregnancy test kits in the market in chemist outlet or malls. Moreover, such kits are also available online. Some of the well-known pregnancy test kits available in market are as follows:

India’s Top 5 Early Pregnancy Detection Kits

Prega News

This product requires you to add just 3 drops of urine in the pregnancy tester, wait for 5 minutes and get the results. In case of a negative result, it may still be possible that you are pregnant and hence in such a case, make sure to re-test after a week if menstrual period has not started.

Prega News Price: Prega News of Mankind Pharmaceuticals is available in market between 60 Rs. to 73 Rs. You can also buy a pack of 3 strips in Rs. 300/-


It provides instant results in 2-5 minutes. You will need to run a home pregnancy test using first urine in the morning. I-Can is manufactured by Piramal Enterprises and is one of very well marketed product and hence commonly known.

I-Can Price: I-Can Pregnancy Detection Kit is available in market at 50 Rs.


You can use this product to detect pregnancy as early as the first day of missing periods. In some cases, early detection of hCG is not easy. Hence, you must repeat the test after 72 hours if the test is negative.

Velocit Price: Velocit of Dr. Reddy’s is available in market between 65 Rs. to 70 Rs.

Clear View

It provides reliable results in 3 minutes by detecting hCG in urine. It is sensitive to 25mlU/ml and consists of an inbuilt procedural control that confirms the correctness of the test performed. Despite like other kits clear view does not require storage in cold temperatures and can be kept at room temperature.

Clear View Price: Clear View Pregnancy Detection Kit is available in market between 150 Rs. to 175 Rs.


Generally intended for professional and laboratory use, it provides visual and qualitative results in minutes. It is sensitive to 25mlU/ml. You can use three drops of urine to check pregnancy. A single line indicates no pregnancy while two lines indicates pregnancy.

Accutest Price: Accutest Pregnancy Detection Kit is available in market at 40 Rs. This is a low cost yet reliable kit available in market.

All the above-mentioned pregnancy test kits ensure 99% accuracy, if followed mentioned instructions properly. There are many other brands available in market. Other pregnancy test kits available include First Response, Detect5 Progressive, Answer, e.p.t., Fact Plus, Equate etc.

These pregnancy test kits are affordable and safe to use. Make sure you use a pregnancy test kit as per the instructions provided. Thus with these early pregnancy detection kits one can ensure a satisfactory pregnancy test at home.

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  1. ankita 3 weeks ago

    hi my last period date is 28th march 2017 after 28th april 2017 i dont get periods so i take prgnacy test at home it’s postive .i have 1.5 year little girl so i m nt redy for another kid so i took abortion i gt periods on 7th may is 5th june 2017 i m nt getting periods?what i do?

    • Author
      JFH Staff 2 weeks ago

      The best thing that you can do at this time is – consult a gynac.

  2. Naveena 2 months ago

    Hi mam,

    I got married 7 months back, i dont want get pregnancy for next 3 years , can you please suggest me the methods for not getting pregnancy?

    • Author
      JFH Staff 2 weeks ago

      You for sure have a long term plan and so do not go for morning after pills, that is pills that you take after sex, will not be a good method for you. Consult a gynac and go for a method like Copper T, known as IUD devices.

  3. w............d 2 months ago

    We had sex on 10th day (after her bleeding phase ends).Now itx 3 days past her expecting periods but she is not having bleeding,but she is recieving period pains.Although she had last periods 5 days past her expecting date.but i m worring so i brought Accu Test HCG from cadilla
    So my question is that will this pragnancy kit work…
    And second is is there any possiblity of pregnancy
    Mail me Asap

  4. Shweta 2 months ago

    I had unusual periods between 22 To 30 Is my date.last month i had periods on 23 N eded on 26th .i had sex on 29 Th which was unprotected .today is 25 Then still i dont have periods .M to stressed .is there any chances of being pregnent?

  5. Prajwal 2 months ago

    My gf periods usually come on 21st or 22nd of every month .We had sex for 4-5 times, most of the time I wore a condom ,never ejaculated inside her.She bled heavily on 22nd this month and next day it suddenly stopped . There’s​ only light bleeding now.I m scared if she is pregnant.what should I do.

    • JFH Staff 2 months ago

      Chances of she being pregnant are negligible. However, most of the time wearing condom is not going to help you, you should wear it every time. Understood?

  6. Raaj 2 months ago

    My gf period start on 9th march and ends on 11th march the next date of period is 11 th april and we intimate on 26 th march and now she didn’t get period
    .it is 9 days late after the due date of period is she pregnant?

    • JFH Staff 2 months ago

      Was sex that you had was unprotected? If yes, then we suggest you to use pregnancy test kits mentioned in article above.

  7. Riya 2 months ago

    i am riya. my menses cycle was on 4march n it was suppose to come on 3-5 april. we (me and my husband) had sex on 28march. since i dint get my date.. which qas suppose to be come by 4-5 april. so today 15 april i checked my pregnancy test to know wheather i am pregnant or not so morning i took the test which resulted in negative. so what should i do now??

    • JFH Staff 2 months ago

      If your periods do not start in next few days please consult a doctor.

  8. Shilpa 2 months ago

    We are trying for pregnancy and I am 7 days late..i took home test but it came out as is there no chance that I am pregnant? Can you suggest me what I should do now?

    • JFH Staff 2 months ago

      Have patience. If no periods for few more weeks, please repeat pregnancy test.

  9. Sonam 3 months ago

    My periods date is 14 feb and still no periods ….i didnt hv sex ….this happen to me some time before…5 mnths ago i consult the dr. And suggest me harmons test and ultasound ….every was ok ….im too much tense about this

    • JFH Staff 2 months ago

      Hello Sonam, as you had no sex so there is no chance of pregnancy and pregnancy cannot be a reason for missed period in your case. Visiting a Gynac and getting yourself examined is the best option here.

  10. viraj 3 months ago

    We had ‘Protected sex’ on 11 march and i didn’t ejaculate….before 11 days of her period, her last periods was on 22nd feb 2016 and ended on 26th feb and now she is not getting her period already 9 days delayed,she had not taken any protection pills but we have taken pregnancy test of first morning urine with empty stomach and it came out negative, and also no pregnancy symptoms as of now…. and she was sick and had motion problem during 14 march to 18…. both of us are really tensed…is it becose of tension and stress she is not getting her period..if not what’s the reason for delayed period..pls reply

    • JFH Staff 2 months ago

      Hello Viraj, A protected sex helps in avoiding pregnancy but does not guarantee it. However, as you took the preganancy test with negative results, chances of her being pregnanct are less. Yes, stress do have bad impact on menstruation and may delay it.

  11. akay 3 months ago

    i had sex on 20 march and my previous menses was on 25 feb. and used condom.but today 27 march and still no periods.should i worry or not. and was it safe period orrisk period.plz tell me.

    • JFH Staff 2 months ago

      If the sex was unprotected and you did not consume any of the pills mentioned above then yes, you can start to worry. Only pregnancy cannot be only reason for delayed menstruation but in your case as you are sexually active, chances of pregnancy are there.

  12. Neha 3 months ago

    Hello, i had sex with condom on January 25 and i ate ipill fr safety, den in february i had periods early nd again in feb i got periods, but in march till nw i dint get periods, dis is d second time im taking d pill, is der ny chance of me getting pregnant

    • JFH Staff 2 months ago

      Did you consume pill second time without having sex? that is unnecessary and girls should avoid taking contraceptive pills without sex. A proper examination should help you here.

  13. priya 3 months ago

    had unprotectd sex on 8th march ma periods date ws on 24th bt stl i hv nt got periods do i hv any chances of gettin pregnant

    • JFH Staff 3 months ago

      Yes Priya, you said you had unprotected sex, that means you do have chances of pregnancy.

  14. vishal 3 months ago

    hello Maam
    ….My gf had her last periods on 22nd feb 2016 and ended on 26th feb…..we had Protected sex on 11th of march but not erected sperms inside …her next period was to be on 25 of march ….but she didnt had her periods till now…we waited for periods…she had not taken any protection pills and we not yet taken home tested….Is she Pregnent???
    should v take home test nw?
    plz rply its Urgent…!!!

    • JFH Staff 3 months ago

      Vishal, you are an irresponsible boy friend who might make his girl friend fall in an uncomfortable and unwanted situation. Yes, there are chances of pregnancy as you had unprotected sex and did not even consume protection pills. Yes, you can try with a home pregnancy test.

  15. Priyanka 3 months ago

    Hello I wanted to know that I had unprotected sex with my husband but he never cumed inside my vagina is there any chance of being pregnant my period are not coming its 11 day above time

    • JFH Staff 3 months ago

      Yes, there are chances of pregnancy.

      • sonali 2 months ago

        Hie mam ,I also have the same case, my last period had came in 17 feb ,and I had sex but did not use any protection and also he did not ejaculate inside vagina ,and in april month little bit of blood sonetimes goes from vagina ,what’s the solution for it?

  16. Pratiksha 3 months ago

    Hii my name is pratiksha i had my last period on 22 of feb n now its almost one month and i am not getting my periods so if uh can please suggest me something….
    Please do reply its very urgent…..
    What do uh think i should wait for some days or undertake a pregnancy test??

    • JFH Staff 3 months ago

      You can take a pregnancy test if you had an unprotected sex.

  17. AVJ 3 months ago

    Asking on behalf of my wife; we do enjoy our newly married life everyday almost. She had periods on 12th of Feb and till today that’s 17th March she did not have period but white wash (thats too uncountable). Her period cycle is 28 days. yesterday she did test via home kit of Pregna news but it was negative. We really need a baby now. Do we need to wait for some time to test again or consult a doc? She had other symptoms like breast tenderness, swallon breast, back pain, headache, greedyness, but no vomiting. need suggession as early as possible

    • JFH Staff 3 months ago

      Request you to check this article on pregnancy symptoms. You should wait for some more time before arriving at any conclusion as pregnancy test results are negative. Also, consider visiting a gynac after few days.

  18. Anjali 4 months ago

    Hello ma’am….I am Anjali…
    My last period was on 6 Feb….my period cycle is 30-40 days….I am in relationship….I had an unsafe sex on 2 March…but my partner is sure that he was not injected sprem…and on 9 March at time of finguring suddenly bleeding stated and i bleed only one day….now I am not sure that this one day bleeding is my periods or I have some other problem…plz suggest me what can I do…

  19. Upasana 4 months ago

    Hi…I am on dieting for last 6 months…periods comes with less flow from the month of september… last time I had my periods in the on 3rd of February with very less bleeding only last for 3 days. On 8th February I had sex with my parter.. Nomally my cycle is 29-31 days… there is no symptoms of pregnancy. … on 4th march I had a pain in my lower abdomen only for few seconds. …. but after that everything is normal…. I am worried why period is not coming

  20. Lathika 4 months ago

    My last period was Jan 18 . My period cycle is 30 to 40 days ..

    I had sex on Feb 18 , protected but I noticed sperms were there near vegina .

    So m doubtful. I missed periods . Yet no periods . I was having tablets as usual primolutn ..

    I stoped after five days twice a day . In mean while I tested each week .. result was negative . Should I wait or go to doctor. Please suggest.

  21. raju 4 months ago

    By mistake my sperm comes on clitoris I didn’t sex with her and her hymen is unbroken and after she has periods.
    And after 2 min she cleared sperm and wash out har private part and after 40 hours she takes unwanted 72.
    Now is there any chance of pregnancy after 18 days

  22. arati 4 months ago

    Hi,, my period date was 8th Feb,, after completing my period I had sex with my partner using condom… But today is 10th march… My period is late… Pls suggest me….

  23. sushma 4 months ago

    hi mam I and my husband planned baby for next year so he didn’t insert it and didn’t ejaculate anything but till now I didn’t get my mensus my last mensus date was Feb 3 shall I wait for my mensus or shall I take any pills to abort it such as vitamin c r aspirin

  24. Shua 4 months ago

    Hi, my periods was on 26 January and then had unprotected sex couple of times and I was supposed to get periods on 23 February I dint get is there any chance of being pregnant? As always I get periods early I dint get this time . Is there any chances? I took a pregnancy test on 25 February but it’s negative ?so what shall be the reason pregnant?

  25. Rohini 4 months ago

    Hi. Mam,
    I am newly married. Had contact during ovulation time. My stomach got bloated within a day. Since I had white discharge my gynae said to cure that. My . I missed my period for 5 days and till date my stomach is full and having back pain and cramps in right side abdomen. Do I have vaginal infection? Or shall I go for pregnancy test?

  26. Shreya 5 months ago

    Hi I a HD protctd sex on d 7th day of my period BT d protection fell off Idk he n nw its been a around 7-8 days since I HD sex virginity is not broken BT my breast seems swollen
    M really confused n stressed out
    R Dr chances 4 me being pregnant ??

  27. Rahul 5 months ago

    I had unprotected sex with my gf on 14th Dec 2016. She had her periods before on 6th, 7th and 8th Dec. I didn’t ejaculate inside her, but wasn’t sure if precum got inside. So she took an iPill the next day that 15th Dec. She bled again in Dec on 25th and 26th, not sure if that’s a second period in Dec. She didn’t have any period in January 2017 and till now. Can you suggest anything?

  28. Kiruthika gi 5 months ago

    Hi we r planning for baby i had my last period on 6th jan 2017 we had planned sex on 15th day 17th day and 20th day these three days an feeling angry,always feeling hungry , urinating so much times than regular, feeling lazy and tired, little little cramps over my stomach sometimes at sides and sometimes at lower abdomen and sometimes having abdomen bloating like that…is that is the early stage of pregnancy can i take pregnancy test now or after my missed periods still 3 days more to periods day…and i have doubt my gynacologist says am ovaluting on 23rd of the day but i had sex on 20th day will ovaluting day change month by month is there any chance of pregnancy before ovaluting day

  29. Riya 5 months ago

    I had my periods on 4 th.
    I had protected sex on 17 th jan
    Bt I hAve doubt after 2 days I have periods again that is 19 th jan .
    So is it possible to be pregnant.
    Should I take a test or wait fr the next period.
    Actually it’s my first sex so I don’t have any knowledge about pregnancy
    Pls hlp

  30. Preety 5 months ago

    Hi preety here I had my periods on 30 Dec n I have not get period again and I have tested my pregnancy with I can result was negative Wat should I do

    • JFH Staff 5 months ago

      Have you engaged in unprotected sex recently? If yes, we suggest you to wait for some time and take the test again. In case of negative test consult with a doctor.

  31. Kichuin 5 months ago

    Hi! My partner and Myself were intimate but he didnt penetrate instead he ejaculated a little on the entry spot of my private area on 24th January. I am taking meprate 10mg to regulate my period and havent planned on having a baby for now! The tab got over on 25th January and I got my periods (just spottings) on 29th january. It lasted only till yesterday and there was just spotting which doesnt happen usually. I have heavy bleeding but this time it was just spotting. Read in few articles that even when one is pregnant due to weakness there might be spottings. Is there any chance of me being pregnant? Should I visit a gynec? Please let me know! Looking to get ur advice!!

    • JFH Staff 5 months ago

      That is very irresponsible. Though you won’t get pregnant immediately and pregnancy symptoms won’t appear that fast, we suggest you to not to engage in any of such unsafe sexual activities in future. If you miss your next period please consult with a doctor.

  32. natasha 5 months ago

    Hello. I am 20 years old. I had unprotected sex on 30th December 2016 and my period was due on 14th July..I missed my periods and so I took a pregnancy test on 22nd January which showed a negative result. Again I took a pregnancy test today I.e, 28th January using the kit of two different companies..both the kit showed negative result. But my period is being delayed. Are there chances that I m pregnant?

    • natasha 5 months ago

      Sorry it was due on 14th January not 14th july

    • JFH Staff 5 months ago

      Natasha, there are very little chances of you being pregnant. We suggest you to have healthy food and life style. Discuss with your doctor about unsafe sex that you had.

  33. jessika chou 5 months ago

    .. m jessika. My last period was on 8th dec and again my next period was on 10th jan …Normally i hv my periods from 5 to 7 days but this time my periods lasts for 2days and its like spotting. So, i hv prenancy test but my test result was negative.. what can i do? Plzzz suggest Ma’am…

    • JFH Staff 5 months ago

      Ensure that your life style is not changed before arriving at these conclusions. The sex that you had last time was that unprotected? Did you consumed pills like i-pill or unwanted 72? Based on symptoms shared chances of you being pregnant are negligible.

  34. Monika 5 months ago

    Hey it’s Monika
    Hi actually ,I have Same prob….
    Mylast period was on dec 13 but at jan I have safe sex. And in Jan I wait for period ,nut it can’t ..till now . 24 jan 2017.
    Please suggest JFH team……you can call …….. .my hs.suresh

    • JFH Staff 5 months ago

      Hello, even though you are sure that sex that you had was sage still we suggest you to go for a home pregnancy test. You can post your results here for further discussion.

  35. Jitu 5 months ago

    MERI GF ka Vagina me mena khali panish tuch kiya the or uske Piriyads 16 jan atahe par aj 24 Jan he to kiya Vo pragnet he ya kuch problem he use or piriyad apne time Ke kitne din bad ana cahiya
    Pls ansur
    Agar Vo pragnet he to me konsi madisondu
    Use abhi khali thoda PAT fhulahe or durka kuchni

    • JFH Staff 5 months ago

      Jitu, this is very irresponsible from your side to engage in to such activities without any protection. Though you had no penetration, we suggest you to take a home pregnancy test. Please go through this article and purchase one test kit which is available in medical shop near you.

  36. Aru 5 months ago

    Hi, I had my last period on 9th Dec.. I have my periods mostly from 29 to 33 days.. Today is 16th jan and I haven’t got the period yet.. My ovulation was on 26th but I was travelling from 24 to 27.. And then on 6th Jan I started antibiotic course for 8 days for throat infection.. Can I be pregnant? Is it right time to take a pregnancy test? I am ttc so don’t want to be high on expectations!

    • JFH Staff 5 months ago

      If you had unprotected sex, yes there are chances of pregnancy.

  37. jiya sharma 5 months ago

    Mam, i had sex on 8thh jan and i had taken unwanted 72 after 36 housr of sex, my Last period date was 11th December, Today is already 3 days delay in my period and i don’t have getting my period there any chance of getting pregnant after taking pills?? Plz help

  38. sangita 5 months ago

    hi i am sangita i protected sex on 1st Jan .but I not sure pregnancy and 12th Jan bomating all body part pain. I period time 10 jan but not cycle. so pleas help!

    • JFH Staff 5 months ago

      Was that an unprotected sex? Did you take any pills?

  39. Roma 5 months ago

    Hello mam, i am 24 year old i had unprotected sex on nov 19 after that in next week I had periods and then on 28 Dec I had periods. On 8th Jan, on the same day I had sex too with precautions, I have noticed that milkish water coming from my nipple . Please suggest me what to do.

    • JFH Staff 5 months ago

      Please get in touch with a qualified gynac.

  40. Ramiya 6 months ago

    I had protected Sex On 31st December 2016 ,
    It’s 11th January 2016 now and I had Red Vaginal Discharge.. Otherwise I don’t have any other symptoms of being pregnant ..

    Can this be an Indication of pregnancy ?

    • JFH Staff 5 months ago

      Seems you had a nice year end. A red discharge is not symptom of pregnancy. If problem persists we suggest you to get in touch with a gynac.

  41. NEa 6 months ago

    I’d sex ,in which I’m not confirmed if he ejaculated inside me. But I had unwanted 72 within an hour.
    Will I get pregnant?

    • JFH Staff 5 months ago

      If he penetrated you (inserted) then it doesn’t matter if he ejaculated or not, there will always be a chance of you getting pregnant. As you wisely took unwanted 72 at right time, chances of you getting pregnant are less.

  42. Banuchithra 6 months ago

    Hi am banu, i had my last period on 12th dec, we had unprotected sex from 24th dec till date( 10th jan). still i don’t get my period. but having lower back pain sometimes, often feeling hungry, sleepy, tiredness, guiddiness i pregnant? my eriod cycle is 28 days and am 28 yrs old now..pls suggest me when to take pregnancy test..thank you

    • JFH Staff 5 months ago

      yes, we suggest you to take pregnancy test, if you miss your period.

  43. Zuber 6 months ago

    I m trying for bby and unprotected sex this month during fertile time. My period due date is 14 Jan but I m getting cramps jn stomach and bloating too. Can u please suggest me a test kit with high sensitivity to test before due date. I can’t wait.

    • JFH Staff 5 months ago

      Hi Zuber, have patience. Take test if you miss your periods.

  44. Mohit rawat 6 months ago

    I had sex on 14 Dec within 10mints I gave my gf unwanted 72,
    28 dec she’s period date but her period delayed.
    I tested with prega 1st line is dark pink and 2nd one is light pink,m totally confused what to do man.

    • JFH Staff 5 months ago

      Please repeat the test till you get confirmed results. If you are in doubt and unable to understand results please consult with a doctor.

  45. khush 6 months ago

    Hi.i had unprotected sxx in nov and missed 2 periods..i tested with preganews but its negative… what to do?

    • JFH Staff 5 months ago

      Please consult with a Gynac and let him/her diagnose the result for you missing the periods.

  46. Ashna 6 months ago

    I had my last cycle on 17 Nov. On 1st December we just had foreplay (rubbing of genitals) wearing clothes. And bit rubbing on the hip without clothes but no penetration, just rubbing. I have not had my menstural cycle until now. Is There any chance of pregnancy? Should I take a test ?

  47. Sagar singh 6 months ago

    My last period was 26 may but not in june & july pregnancy test was negative doctor recommends harmonal madicin bt in aug USG Report says i was pregnent in since july 1st weak. Is harmonal medicin do any more damage

  48. anonymous 6 months ago

    maam.. i had my first sex on 20th dec … my last period was on 12th dec and now its 3rd of jan my cycle is of 28-30 days …. v did use condom as a protection method but i couldnt be on pills bcoz of lean pcod …plus the penetration was jus halfway the vagina … can i be pregnant in this case as i suffer from cramps in my lower abdomen and feel pain around my belly button while peeing ??? i am majorly scared of the precum thing as i might have come in contact with it through the underwears though …

  49. Ritu 6 months ago

    Hi mam
    I m 22yrs old. I HAVE unprotected SEX ON 9th dec and on next day i take unwanted 72 emergency contraceptive pills i.e on 10th dec. Then again i have sex on 17 dec but this tym my bf uses condem. But then on next day i.e on 18 dec bleeding started from my vagina. I dont know what type of bleeding is this ?? It last for 3 days.
    Plz help whether it is a period or not ???
    My last period was on 27 nov and last for 5 days.
    I dont to be pregnant !!!!!
    Plz rply as fast as you can plz mam on my email address

  50. anonymous 6 months ago

    maam.. i had my first sex on 20th dec … my last period was on 12th dec and now its 3rd of jan my cycle is of 28-30 days …. v did use condom as a protection method but i couldnt be on pills bcoz of lean pcod …plus the penetration was jus halfway the vagina … can i be pregnant in this case as i suffer from cramps in my lower abdomen and feel pain around my belly button while peeing ??? i am majorly scared of the precum thing as i might have come in contact with it through the underwears though …

  51. Ammu 6 months ago

    Hi, I and my hubby get into the act 1St Jan and 2nd jan early morg, ie., 16th and 17th day from my 1St day of period last month (17-dec-2016). Am not using any pills or precautions. My cycle length is 30 days to 33 days… Pls let me know if I can get pregnant?

  52. komal 6 months ago

    Hi my last period was on 26th nov and today is 3rd january. I tried test today and got negative. When i can try next or when i can visit doctor?

  53. Megala 6 months ago

    Hi I am megala my periods date is Dec 29 today Jan 2 I took pregnancy test in velocit kit I am getting a thin second line is it confirm pregnancy?????

  54. shravani 6 months ago

    Am getting tensed, in august I had sex, my period date is between 3rd to 5th…am getting regular periods with one or two days bleeding…
    Am having little back pain, cold , simple stomach pain…I taken pregnancy test in homemade remedies…its shown am not pregnant..
    But my stomach is like bigger than earlier…
    Please help me out

  55. Anu 6 months ago

    Last tym i had sex vid my partner was on 10th october n aftr dat i had my periods twice on proper dates but this tym its been 13days delay and yet i havent got my periods. Are there chances of me being pregnant?
    Pls reply

  56. Deeksha 6 months ago

    I had unprotected sex on 22nd day of my period but he didn’t inserted at all he ejaculate on my body but today is 40th day I didn’t got Ma periods again today i tested by using velocity testing kit it showed negative is there any chance of pregnancy….. I have natural symptoms of getting periods like low back pain etc so pls tell me

    • JFH Staff 6 months ago

      we suggest you to connect with a medical practitioner.

  57. anu 6 months ago

    hi my periods end on 9th dec i had unprotected sex on 10 th and so on dates till 16th dec . from past 3 days i feel to tired and sleepy also feel like vomiting after i had food and also formation of gas. i also found white discharge. is it the ri8 time to take a pregnancy test from home. can i get the result??

    • JFH Staff 6 months ago

      You can go for pregnancy test if you do not get your periods, we suggest you to wait for some more time. For other symptoms please connect with a doctor.

  58. Priya 6 months ago

    Hai, I’m Priya. I had a period on 9 Dec and we had a unprotected sex. Please suggest can I have a pregnancy test now or I must wait for my next period date.

    • JFH Staff 6 months ago

      wait for period, if there is any delay then go for pregnancy test. We suggest you not to engage in unprotected sex in future and be responsible towards your health.

  59. Prema 6 months ago

    Hi, I m prema.
    I got my last period on 21st November, today is 23rd December so is this the right time to do pregnancy test please let me know n which pregnancy test kit is best to use

    • JFH Staff 6 months ago

      yes, you can go for a pregnancy test. You can choose one of the pregnancy test kit mentioned in this article.

  60. Pinky 6 months ago

    Hi.. I had my last period on 17 Nov, my cycle between 30-32 days,
    We had unprotected sex from 11 dec. Didnot get my periods yet.

    Is there any chances of being pregnant.

    • JFH Staff 6 months ago

      If you was sexually active and had unprotected sex, then yes, there are chances of pregnancy.

  61. anusri 6 months ago

    Had sex on 19th day of my cycle, took an ipill 18hrs later. Within 6hrs of taking the ipill he penetrated me again but didn’t ejaculate. I was stressed and Took ipill again after 65hrs. chances of getting pregnant? Periods can be delayed for how many days due to the 2 pills

    • JFH Staff 6 months ago

      You have little chances of being pregnant.

  62. Ishthi 6 months ago

    I had a unprotected sex day before yesterday and this morning I had no will pills…I had my last period on 3 rd December …do I have chance of getting pregnant

    • JFH Staff 6 months ago

      yes, you have.

    • Anvi 6 months ago

      Hi .. this is anvi actully sex 2nd of September kokiya tha or apil v le li thi or 15 September ko period ho gye or is war 24 December tk mughe period ni ho rhe h to kya my pregnant hu sex k next month jldi ho hye the but is mont Nhi ho rhe

  63. neha 7 months ago

    I had unprotected sex but within half an hour i ate unwanted 72. Are there chances of getting pregnant?

    • JFH Staff 6 months ago

      You have very little chances of getting pregnant after this unprotected sex.

  64. Keerthana 7 months ago

    i had my last periods on 21st October and still haven’t got my periods . i feel im pregnant but im getting UTR negative. im confused!!! i had cramps, nausea, tiredness, abdomen tightening, abdomen discomfort, headache, lower back pain.

  65. Kalai Selvi 7 months ago

    Hi I am kalai, I got period on Oct 30, I had unprotected sex on nov13, today Nov 29. Do I need to wait for some more days to get test or else can do right now? Because my period cycle is 28 days.

    • JFH Staff 7 months ago

      if you had unprotected sex it is very irresponsible from your side. We suggest you to take a pregnancy test and take further action based on result.

  66. pooja 7 months ago

    Hi ma’am my name is pooja and I had my period on 15th Oct. But now 23 Nov. Its not come whether I wait for period for few days more or check my pregnancy please tell me.

    • JFH Staff 7 months ago

      If you had unprotected sex in recent time, it is recommended to take a pregnancy test. if you are not sexually active then you can wait and then connect with a gynac.

  67. Harshita 7 months ago

    I had sex in safe period. In next month after 28 days i had period again.
    Is there chances of pregnancy after periods also?

    Please suggest.

    • JFH Staff 7 months ago

      you had periods so chances of you being pregnant are negligible.

  68. Neha 11 months ago

    My period was due on 25th July and I have performed a UPT today (29th July). The result came out to be negative.

    My last period was on 29th June. I started having severe cramps on 20th July and got an ultrasound perfomed that stated my uterus size to be 18cm which as per my Gynaecologist is the expanded size that happens during mentruation. She doubts me to be pregnant but my test has came out to be negative.

    I had used Apollo Pharmacy Home Pregnancy Kit.

    • Riya 8 months ago

      Then what was the result. Were u actually pregnant? Plz reply

      • Kumud Sharma 8 months ago

        Hi Riya, before I could actually get that positive test, I had a miscarriage. But had a blood test on the first day of miscarriage and it detected HCG in the test report (which means I was pregnant). My miscarriage happened due to wrong medication because of Gyane’s ignorance towards my case and long ‘wait and see’ period.

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