This is How You Can Make Bracelets by Recycling Plastic Bottles

This is How You Can Make Bracelets by Recycling Plastic Bottles

I love wearing bracelets; they are such fun, sexy and cool accessories. While I am on a shopping spree my eyes are crazily roving for such cool stuff. But, a lot of times I m trying to recycle things that we wouldn’t imagine could turn into beautiful accessories. I just keep trying my hand at this and sometimes it turns into awesome stuff while sometimes it flops.

Let’s have some fun with plastic bottles today, no this is not tough, it’s pretty easy.

Grab these things before you start:

  • Plastic bottle
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Nail polish or acrylic paint

Let’s start Girls:

Bottle up into bracelet:

Get hold of a plastic bottle that you are about to throw, wrap the middle of the bottle with a tape twice. Cut the bottle around the tape. Remove the tape. Now, this looks a bit like a bracelet.

Using an iron; But not for clothes:

Take an iron, keep in mind to remove the steam & keep the temperature on medium. Roll the end of the part that is cut on the iron. The plastic bends at the end & gurlz now it’s even closer to what a bracelet looks like.

I just got creative!!

On the inner side of it, paint with acrylic colors with whichever shades you want. Umm… this is your chance to get your creative juices flowing. Paint it using your imagination.

Oh! It’s done? Yes gurlz it’s as simple as that.

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