Who is Better, Tampon or Sanitary Pad? Confusions and Answers

Tampon or Sanitary Pad - Confusion and Answer

The other day when we all girls were hanging out together and we had this huge debate about,

What is best? Sanitary pad or a tampon?

I know lot of you girls are just starting with your periods, so you are thinking about what to use? Let me tell you whether you use a tampon or pad, it’s entirely your preference.

Yes, a lot of girls prefer using a pad because, it is easy to use. You have to just rip of the back and stick it in your underwear.

Since it is used outside your body, you can keep a watch on it. The chances of leakage are a lot lower. Also, chances of bacterial infection getting caught in the vagina are lesser because, as I mentioned earlier it’s used outside your body.

Coming on to tampons

“Look I am not a child, I hate this pad sticking to me; it feels like I am wearing a diaper. Wearing a pad? Oh no!”

Lot of girls feel too uncomfortable using a pad and they feel as if they are back to their childhood days, when they wore a diaper. So they hate the feeling of wearing a pad. They want to feel free, so they love the tampon.

You obviously cannot go swimming with a pad on. Also, girls who play a lot sports cannot use a pad as it’s so uncomfortable. A tampon gives them more freedom in their movement.

Whatever you use girls, just be sure to change it frequently. It’s entirely your preference what you want to use. Till the time we share the next video have fun girls.


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