Girly Apps – How to Track Menstrual Cycles and Safe Days using Mobile Apps?

How to Track Menstrual Cycles and Safe Days using Mobile Apps

Tracking your period when you have a bunch and more of other things and chores to do and work to finish sounds very miniscule and unimportant. But then comes the day when you have a meeting and you start your period and you are completely unprepared…. Now you end up cursing the day you forgot to mark a date on the calendar last month and countdown the dates till today so you could be better prepared. Fret no more now, you have girl-friendly apps that can do the same for you and even notify you about those days when you could expect your period next.

Here are a few great girly apps that are simple yet effective:

Period Tracker

This app is a simple app built for women who don’t have much time to waste on making graphs, updating calendars and maintaining trackers. Just press one button on the first day of your every period for the first 3 months and then the app averages out the next time that you could expect your period. You can also type in notes of your intimate days, period problems and so on.

Download link: Android | Apple Store


This is another simple app that is best at what it does, without the frills. On a single display, it shows you data of your profile that includes your last period, cycle length and the fertility window (so you know when you have the safe days coming!). It takes only one glance at the profile window and you know what you want to know, that’s what makes it such a simple yet efficient app.

Download Link: Apple Store

Pink Pad

This app not only tracks your periods and safe days, but also brings together women in every female related issue community and those related to women health (fashion, beauty, health etc.). You can also reply to posts and answer questions. Pink Pad keeps track of your moods, symptoms, temperature and weight over these crucial days, maintaining a log of all the details. Keep updating your pink posts and ask questions if any out to the online community.

Download Link: Android | Apple Store


This complex yet easy to use app uses scientific algorithms to calculate your cycle length and next period. Clue logs in your moods, bleeding days, your pain intensities and also your sleep and sex patterns thus prompting you about the safe days and fertile periods of the month. The more you use Clue, the more accurate it gets. It also has the facility to answer the FAQs about your menstrual cycle. If you are trying to get pregnant or even avoid it, this app gives you close to accurate information so you can make important decisions without worrying about the period. It countdowns to your next period too.

Download link: Android | Apple Store

Monthly Cycle

This app allows you to log data about your weight, PMS symptoms like pain, cramps, tender breasts, and acne and headaches. You can also export data to your mail. Personalize this app with different themes as well.

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