Lakshmi Menon – Biography

Lakshmi Menon – Biography

Lakshmi Menon is a renowned Indian model and decided to take up the profession of modeling to make a living while doing Sociology at Bangalore University. She modeled in India for a few years and began to get globally recognition in 2006. She is one of those few stylish models who developed an international fan following.

Lakshmi is based is from Goa and was born in Kerala in India. She served as a strong foundation in the world of fashion, style and glamour five years back after participating in Jean Paul Gaultier’s event in Paris. Since then, she has been on the front and the representative of numerous glittering and impressive commercial crusades, including Max Mara, Hermes, etc.

Real Name: Lakshmi Menon

Popular Name: Lakshmi Menon

Date of Birth: November 4, 1981

Place of Birth: Kerala, India

Occupation: Model

Nationality: Indian

Laksmi has an amazing height of 6 feet and 3 inches and is proud of her brown eyes and black hair. She has also been showcased in various trendy fashion works, like Elle and Indian and American Vogue, etc. She was first chosen as a model by a modeling hunt at Bangalore University, purely on the basis of her height and talent. Lakshmi felt it would be nice to earn some quick bucks and gave it a shot. However, she didn’t take up this profession full-time until she passed out of college. She got her first worldwide fashion job opportunity from an agency in Europe. This agency had followed her work in an Indian magazine and wanted her to walk the ramp on one of the events of Jean Paul Gaultier.

This was followed by her visiting Paris and doing some shows there. With every consecutive season, she became more successful and had more projects in hand. Lakshmi wasn’t brought up conventionally and is daughter of an army officer.

Her parents were comfortable with her decision of taking up modeling as a full-time profession and stood by her. She is a Hindu and was raised up in a flexible environment. She struggles very hard to maintain her good health and figure and hopes to do better in future.


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