Jessica Simpson – Biography, Photos and More

Jessica Simpson - Biography

Jessica Simpson is a sexy soundtrack celebrity, television star, actress and fashion designer from America and was born in 1980. She began her career in 1999 and has completed many television shows, soundtracks, advertisements and films. She takes a keen interest in fashion products and fashion designing.

Jessica has even gone to the extent of releasing many fashion creations, perfumes and accessories for women and has allocated a lot of time to charity work. She made it big with the release of her first solo, ‘I Wanna Love You Forever’, which found a place in Billboard Hot 100’s list of Best 5 and stole all the limelight.

Jessica Simpson Biography

Real Name: Jessica Ann Simpson

Popular Name: Jessica Simpson

Date of Birth: July 10, 1980

Place of Birth: Abilene, Texas, USA

Mailing Address: Jessica Simpson, C/O CAA, 9830 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, California 90212, USA

Official Website:

Occupation: Recording Artist, Composer, Fashion Designer, Actress

Nationality: American

Simpson’s first album, ‘Sweet Kisses’ made a lot of name in the US and went on to sell more than four million copies all across the globe. Her solo, ‘Irresistible’ turned out to be the subsequent hit of the best 20 and also found itself in the Billboard 200’s list of best 10 in 2001. Jessica was listed as a ‘sex goddess’ by the ‘Maxim’ in 2004.

This blonde bombshell also made jaws drop with a big list of other hits, some of them being, ‘In This Skin’, ‘Do You Know’, ‘A Public Affair’ and ‘Happy Christmas.’ She likes to juggle various kinds of music, like ‘Dance’, ‘Pop’, ‘Country’ and ‘R and B’ and is associated with the brands and trademarks, ‘Columbia’, ‘Epic’ and ‘Primary Wave’.

Jessica has a younger female sibling and was born to parents, Tina Ann and Joseph Simpson. She never had sex till the time she got married and was brought up in Dallas, Texas, USA. She was motivated by singers, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin and got married to Nick Lachey and Eric Johnson. She has a daughter from the latter and is smart and sexy enough to turn on men !!


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