These are India’s Top & Trusted Sanitary Pads for Women

India's Top & Trusted Brands for Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads when chosen wisely can keep you comfortable and tension free in the most stressful days of the month. Keep in mind your flow, the intensity and regularity and moreover your activities for the day. If this choice fails, it could affect a girl’s sanitary health as well leading to rashes, irritations, infections, bruises and the list can go on. Change your pad every 4-6 hours, use anti-bacterial washes to keep any infections at bay and keep checking the pad regularly to know when it is time to change next. Apart from this, many sanitary pad manufacturers claim to have made products that can cater to every woman’s need, we have listed a few trusted sanitary pad brands that one can swear by:


Whisper is the most quality assuring and widely used brand of sanitary pads used in India. They come with stretchable wings that hold the pad in place. There is a product each for extra heavy flow, heavy flow, overnight safety and long day wear. The makers guarantee comfort, safety and hygiene to be expected from all their products. Many happy customers have reviewed products ranging from Whisper Ultra Clean, Whisper Ultra Soft, Whisper Maxi Fit and Whisper Ultra Nights, and most of the reviews are positive.


Stayfree comes in a variety of customized packs to suit the flow-intensity based needs of every woman- Stayfree Dry Max Ultra Thin, Stayfree Secure Dry Ultra Thin, Stayfree Secure DryUltra Thin, Stayfree Secure Cottony Wings, Stayfree Advanced, Stayfree Secure Extra Large Wings, Stayfree Secure Dry Wings and Stayfree Dry Max All Night. These are easily disposable, have a cottony soft cover and are extremely hygienic.


Bella Regular Drai / Drai Wings, Bella Regular Softi / Softi Wings, Bella Regular Maxi Drai and Bella Regular Maxi Softi Wings are a few offerings of the Bella brand that provide maximum comfort and minimum fuss over the PMS period each month. Ease of use, reliability, breathability of the pad and safety are some of the features that the company boasts of, and they definitely deliver based on the stats.


This Unicharm product is a good bet for teenagers today as it has been marketed that way and is also easy to use like the others. It comes in a variety of options like Sofy Side Walls, Sofy Body Fit, Sofy Body Fit Overnight and Sofy Body Fit Antibacteria. All of these promise longer absorbency and lasting protection. Sofy also promises long dry periods and breathability of the product which reduces chances of infections spreading and rashes and bruises on account of wetness for prolonged periods of time.

Health Buddy

This pad is best for daily use and regular flow. Health buddy Lingerie Fit Regular Sanitary pad are a good option for girls with regular flows and sensitive skin. They promise a super soft cottony top layer that causes least abrasions and irritations to the skin. They boast of better absorbency with unique anti-leak channels and better absorption capacity.

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