Imagine, What If Your Period Was a Real Person?

What If Your Period Was a Real Person?

She popped in early this time, while I was in my bed. She completely ruined my date. I yelled at her, ‘I gotta date for heaven sake, you are early.’ You know what she comes without a prior sign and then without a bit of shame about what she does, she yells in my ears till I get deaf, ‘It isn’t my fault, baby.’ Ok guys I am done with her. Oh! actually not for the next couple of days. Now that she is here, she is going to roll all over me and grab all my attention.

At the date: Joey was about to kiss me, and she popped up. He said, ‘Oh freak! She is here. I am going.’ Can you believe this guys, he ran out of the door. Uh! My date is smashed by her.

At the supermarket: She is so ferociously grabbing everything and anything she can to munch. She turns into a monster as she sees food, gulping stuff that makes me put on calories.

While watching a movie: She squeaks and squeals as she watches a touchy scene or is agitated at an action scene. She is rolling all over me guys, somebody save me.

My boyfriend’s here: Thinking that she is gone my boyfriend comes to me, and there she peeps from behind my shoulder. And Joey freaks out after looking at her. He leaves yet again.

Time for her to leave, and I say, ‘I will miss you.’ She says ‘ I will be back next month.’ She is so quirky SHE IS MY PERIOD and that is how she is in person.


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