This is Why I Love My Sister!

this is why I love my Sister

Amongst my siblings, cousins and all, my sister is the one who is close to my heart. In fact she is closer to me than my own conscience. She keeps me grounded, she keeps me sane and she keeps me attached to the real world. I hear her giggle happily and I hear her cry out of laughter, but all in all I’m happy most of the times I am the reason why. She says I am her guardian angel, her second hero (after Dad, of course!), but she says it’s important to her that I remain a friend who stands by her in big and small, tall as a wall.

She will get irritated, she will call me mean, but she will always talk me out of it when I go insane. She tries to check my phone about my latest girlfriend, my last crush, how I moved on and will laugh about it as much! She is the life of the family though I think we would still live without her, but only as zombies! Her silly CID jokes, or her mundane please-do-my-homework bribery, her bragging about her new look for a party or about how serene she feels at the temple; make her a great companion, whom you just can’t have enough of!

All for my sister


Last year I told her she was a few pounds overweight and she went into a fit about my comment saying how unreasonably cruel I was, but then I saw her consciously dieting and exercising to stay in shape because “bhaiiya said she didn’t look nice nowadays!” That’s when I realize time and time again, how much I mean to her and that’s why I love her too!

When mom was out last weekend, she took all the trouble to ensure that I got my meals on time and they tasted much like what Mom makes, just in an amateurish way! I saw her take notes from Mom a few days ago before she left about her recipes and make bookmarks on Dad and my favorites…. Dad couldn’t feel any prouder than he did and I knew she was growing up fast. I also felt that some day she may just come home as a guest with her husband and then I will be the one waiting on her at the table, serving her plate first and making her feel at home. That’s when I also realized that she does so much more in small and tiny ways to make us all feel comfortable at home though that is not what we have asked of her expressly at any point in time.

She’s Dad’s girl, Mom’s best friend and my….I think one word is not enough to describe how she fills that space in my heart, though I may not admit it to her. All I can say is she is my best, she brings out the best in me and we pray only for the best for each other, and that’s why I love her!

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