How Will You Discuss Money and Finances with Your Partner

Discuss Money and Finances with Your Partner

Loads of issues, financial issues I mean, keep coming up daily between me and my girlfriend. She gets upset when I say, ‘You spend for the month, this month I won’t be able to give in much.’ Uff… I shirk to say anything related to finance with her.

It was time to sit and get these financial issues solved between us. Considering that we are both super sensitive about this, I had to be smart in hitting the conversation. I still spoke up; all prepared on a Sunday afternoon and asked her, ‘How do you want to plan your finance in the future?’ I never expected a straight answer but, I never expected this grave silence either. I then probed, ‘What do you want; a car, a house or want to study further?’ She opened up and said, ‘I plan to buy a house.’ Bingo! ‘That is what I want too, our house, ah!’

Snap, came the answer, ‘Our house, sounds cool.’ I found myself screaming silently with a smile on my face, ‘Hey, Ben are you sure you want to live for long with her? ‘Oh! Yes’ I said to myself. I patted my back, ‘Great, this is going well.’

Next, I had to tell her that I hadn’t saved much. I didn’t want to open a Pandora’s box at that moment about my previous relation where I had spent a lot. But, I just said, ‘Not saved much Sheryl, but will start now.’ She jumped out of the couch and said, ‘What? It’s been 8 years of work & you’ve haven’t saved much? You think I m gonna buy that from you?’

This conversation was collapsing and I didn’t think I wanted to continue after the way she reacted. But, I m not gonna give up on this conversation, I will take up on this soon.

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