How to Get Pregnant? Illustrated and Explained

How to Get Pregnant

Honestly, with science progressing so much I started to feel that human beings can do anything. Well, but there are a lot of things that cannot be changed in nature. We need to accept them as they are. Like, a man can never get pregnant. So, today we will look at how a woman gets pregnant?

First of all, a woman must release eggs from the ovary during ovulation. This means that the egg travels from the fallopian tube to the uterus. This generally happens two weeks before the periods. But, don’t count on it as your periods may not be regular and ovulation might happen at any time. Irregular periods are something that you need to keep a tab on, and visit a gynecologist.

A man has to ejaculate, Pre-cum or cum inside the vagina or near the vagina; not in any other part of the body, not on the bed sheet, not in your mouth, in the shower or any other body part. Remember, several hundreds of sperms are released inside the Fallopian tube. What happens next to these sperms and how it leads to fertilization, find it out in the video.

The video says it all but, in case you still have doubts you can have them clarified either through the contact details shared in the video or just visit a gynecologist.


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