Girls, How To Choose Your Panties?

How To Choose Your Panties?

Panty / Panties, a small piece of cloth but very near to “little” in you. It is extremely important to choose correct piece of panties. In market panties are available in different types, sizes and colors. The material used for manufacturing panties also varies throughout the available brands in markets. Not all types of panties are suitable for you and hence sharing some of the important tips for choosing women underwear.

  • Remember, choosing panties is a wonderful experience
  • There is a huge variety of panties available in the market
  • Buying a panty depends on your body type, modesty level and how the underwear will work with what you are wearing
  • Choose panty / underwear / lingerie that is appropriate with your body tone
  • Cotton is suitable for any type of skin, cotton absorbs sweat and is easy to clean as well
  • Choose a panty which is not visible in your outfits. Example you should not wear a black panty beneath white skirt
  • Avoid peek-a-boo moment by choosing a low cut briefs to wear with low ride jeans
  • Choose size wisely, do not wear a too tight or too loose under wear, both causes discomfirt
  • A tight panty looks hot huuhh how many times you flash panty in your office? Tight panty may cause a problem in blood circulation. Wear a proper sized panty. Keep the tight one aside and wear for your boy friend only
  • Your panty rides up, curls up around the waist or pinches? choose a larger size
  • Your panty sags around the crotch or falls down? choose a smaller size
  • Want an enhancement? There are panties available with padding or silicone in the butt area
  • Finally a video that will help you understand how to choose panties…

You can share your own tips too, how do you choose panty for yourself?

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1 Comment
  1. Jennifer Houst 4 years ago

    Thank you for this guideline.. I was never aware that while choosing a panty one can consider so many points. I am much wiser now while I will be choosing my panties.

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