Top 5 – Highest Selling Women Panty Types in India

Top 5 high selling panty types in India

There was time when women used to choose panties just as formality. Soon the definition of choosing intimate wear changed and so lots of different types of panties emerged in the market. These days, women are highly conscious and they take extra efforts choosing a right panty that matches their personality. When we peeped inside their world of intimate wear we were amazed to know why they choose these super-sexy panties over ordinary panties. We’re letting you know.

High Selling, Top Panty Types in India


Bikinis are the types of panties which are very popular among women. They love to flaunt their bikini body especially during summer. Bikinis are also perfect wear at the beaches or during summer holidays. Bikinis usually cover the front and back area of the woman’s groin area and the sides are kept narrower. They come in super-sleek and sexy designs such as string bikini sides are supported by strings and they look extremely sexy on women. Bikinis are a part of swimwear and are commonly purchased along with bra.

Price – There are many manufacturers in India that specializes in bikini manufacturing such as enamor and Pretty Secrets. Price starts from 300 Rs. and can go up to 5000/- Rs.

Panty Type - Bikini

Panty Type – Bikini

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are popular among women due to its assured comfort and sexy look. Many men like their women in boy shorts. Boy shorts are simple and come with many patterns and designs. Boy shorts are also ideal for outdoor activities. One of the popular boy shorts brand is Jockey. Jockey is an international brand and has been in women inner wear manufacturing for ages, it guarantees the quality.

Price – They are available online and their price range is 400/- Rs. Onward.

Panty Type - Boy Shorts

Panty Type – Boy Shorts


Briefs have been listed third among popular panty type. Briefs are used by many middle-aged and elder women. They cover maximum front and back areas of a woman’s private part. They can be conservative or can come with French cut or high cut. This panty extends maximum support. Again Jockey is the famous brand that provides briefs in all styles and designs.

Price – They cost around 300/- Rs. online.

Panty Type - Brief

Panty Type – Brief


Hipsters are popular type of panties in India. Hipster is a combination of bikini and a brief offering ample coverage around your hips. They are available in all sizes and many women prefer wearing hipsters on a daily basis. They add a unique style and additional comfort in your inner wear collection. One of the household manufactures in India is Lovable. Lovable stocks various range of hipsters in their collection and you will enjoy browsing them online.

Price – Lovable hipsters starts from 300/- Rs. up to 1000/- Rs.

Panty Type - Hipster

Panty Type – Hipster

Lace Panties

Lace panties give elegant and classic look for those who prefer keeping sexy yet majestic. These are highly popular among newly married women and most men love their partners to see in these seductive lace panties. The only disadvantage of lace panties is they cannot be worn during periods. Pretty Secrets is the brand that has been successful keeping the romance ignited for years.

Price – These panties are available at offline and online sources and start from 400/- Rs.

Panty type - Lace

Panty type – Lace

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