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Why Girls Prefer Going Online to Buy Lingerie?

Speaking of trends and those following the herd, we know that buying anything online has become very popular. Have you ever thought why? Did you ever ask this question when you go online to buy something as personal as lingerie? Well, many people I know go online to buy stuff because it’s easy, items can be returned if not liked in actual, plus it’s like gifting something to yourself. Moreover, the thrill of shopping at lightning speed (thanks to the internet), seeing a vast variety of items without having to trudge from one shop to another and the easy accessibility of things at lowest prices possible (thanks to competition) makes shopping a breeze. Here are some reasons as to why women prefer going online to buy their lingerie.

Lingerie Shopping Websites Are Always Available, Open

Come to think of it, sites like Zivame, Clovia, and Pretty Secrets offer a truckload of lingerie, shape wear, nightwear, and other such women-essential items that are worn everyday by women, no matter what the weather and they are always open. Be it at the crack of dawn or at the middle of the night, online sites are always available and willing to see a full shopping cart. So now you don’t have to rush to the stores in your break time from work to try and buy that oh-so-beautiful piece of lingerie!

Buying Lingerie Online is Comfortable

It may not happen to you but there are many women who shy away from the thought of buying lingerie at the stores in person. If girls find a sales man instead of a sales woman on the desk in a shop, they are not at all comfortable with this. Buying lingerie online takes care of this social discomfort and puts women in a comfortable zone allowing them to order lingerie of their choice. So, say farewell to that embarrassment and hello to your favorite pieces of lingerie waiting at your doorstep.

It Is Not Annoying

It is my personal opinion but I find it extremely annoying when some sales personnel follow me around the store when I am doing my shopping and annoy me by asking again and again if I need their help. When you shop online, this thing is gone and you are left to do your thing at your own pace with peace, without having to constantly say “no” to someone with the hopes that they would take the hint and stop following you like a stalker.

Guilt Free

If you are one of those people who feel awkward when they enter a store and then leave without buying anything, then rejoice because when you shop online you don’t need to face the stare of the store personnel judging you for not liking what they have to offer. You can go from one site to another, browse their collection to your heart’s desire and then just close the tab if you don’t find what you were looking for, and not feel an ounce of guilt or awkwardness.

Complain Section

When you are not pleased with the quality of service or the quality of the products sold to you in a retail shop you need to create a scene and call the manager to get your point through and even then all you get is flimsy apology or yet another excuse. Online sites have a proper section where you can make your complaint without having to raise your voice or getting exasperated, and be assured that proper steps would be taken to handle your issue.

Multitude of Brands

If you have your mind set on a silky chemise or just a PJ set, shopping online gives you access to multiple brands and models displaying how the item would look on a person, something that is not always available at local stores. Women who go online to buy their lingerie know by now that the brands that are sold in their retail shops are not the only ones that exist in the lingerie market. Also, online sites have a higher chance of having higher end international lingerie brands like Victoria Secret and Hunkemoller along with your mainstream brands like Triumph, Amante, Vanity Fair etc.

Return Policy

A lot of retail shops have this policy of “no refund” and “no return”, which makes it annoying for women who purchase something from these shops and end up not liking it or finding that it is not their size. Online sites don’t have this problem because they all have a swift and simple return policy where all you have to do is send a return request, post which a courier personnel comes to you and takes your item and within the next one week or so your money is returned back to you. And all this is done form the comfort of your home without having to waste any petrol and make a trip to the store.

Poor Market Penetration

Established brands and quality products do not enjoy a good market penetration and many of the ‘best selling’ lingerie products are not available in every part of a state. Furthermore, in many small towns people don’t really know about a lot of lingerie brands. They are just aware of the mainstream ones like Jockey and Enamor and a few local brands. Online sites take this disadvantage away by providing people with so many different brands and styles, and the fact that they can be delivered to you no matter where you live.

Discreet Packaging

Recently in an interview with FirstPost Monica Anand, CEO and Co-Founder, Under Cover Lingerie said, “People like to browse fantasy lingerie without the fear of running into someone they know. This is best done from the comfort of their own homes. Many people prefer that our products come packaged very discreetly.” A new trend is also observed. Men wanting to give subtle or not-so-subtle hints to their partners by shopping lingerie for the lady are just creating a wish list of items that appeal to them and send it to their partners for a peek and closure. Lingerie that you ordered online gets delivered to your doorstep in total discreet manner protecting your privacy and saving time.

Competitive Pricing

Online sites are known for their amazing discounts that retail shops aren’t able to give that easily. Unless it is the sale season in retail shops, you cannot expect to get a good deal for your shopping, but this problem never exists when you go shopping online. Whether it is their EOSS – End of Season Sale or just a normal everyday discount, one can get up to 70% off on their favourite lingerie brands. Who else offers so much of discount on lingerie?

These are just few of the advantages that are pushing women to go online for buying lingerie. If you want to know few stats, websites like Zivame, Clovia and Pretty Secrets to name a few, have up to a thousand orders a day which spells more business for them. It has been observed that women with plus sizes or sizes C and above have a tendency to shop online and have a greater spending capacity as they don’t get much variety from a local store for their specifications or their selected pieces don’t have an appropriate size driving them online.

All in all, it’s one of the most exhilarating experiences to shop for lingerie online from the comfort of your home.

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