Girls, How to Get Yourself Banned on Instagram?

How to Get Yourself Banned on Instagram

Today you see many young people posting pictures of themselves on social apps like Instagram, sites like Facebook and posting their tweets on Twitter. It’s not that the world is interested in knowing how beautiful, handsome, ugly, fat, thin, rich, posh or shabby you look but nevertheless the Gen Y has taken it up as a challenge to get people to “follow” them, “subscribe” to their posts or vlogs (video blogs) or just “like” their updates about how they feel themselves today or how they feel the world is. At times its just about what they are eating, where they are going to meet up today or some random quote that they think is worth sharing irrespective whether it reflects how they think or feel about it or some video post that goes viral asking for 100K likes so they get a donation for a worthy cause. Let’s take Instagram for instance- specially girls go crazy just posting pictures of their new dresses, make-up, hair, selfies, belfies, before and afters, pouts, and practically every angle of their body that shows work-in-progress from a fat loss program or a fad diet or just-for-fun elements.

So one fine day Instagram goes on a clean-up drive to check how many of these posts are in line with their T&C’s and Voila! Thousands of people are banned without warning. So now all the other popular posts are losing followers because Instagram’s clean-up has screened all the spammers and auto-follow users and thwarted their existence. These simple steps you must follow to get banned in Instagram…. (Yes, avoid if you want your account safe)…

  1. Posting nude, partially nude, violent, discriminatory, unlawful or hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos: showing off your best assets in clothes or minimal clothes is still a taker, but going the full Monty way is a serious matter. Many girls don’t shy away to show off their nipples or privates too but then get their accounts banned for life, with no recourse to get the content back.
  2. Asking people to keep following you brings in spam followers- Instagram’s clean-up has ensured that a number of spam accounts and bots (a fake profile automatically liking or following people accounts) have been removed. You invite followers and play the “you-follow-me-I-follow-you” game and this gets spam into your account then your account is a gone.
  3. Buying a bot profile to auto-like many of the hash tags you mention or specify on your photos- this is facing a serious crackdown on Instagram where people are buying bots to get followers and heaps of likes, drawing attention to their profiles where there are many likes on a certain hasthtag(s) but no really loyal followers, you’re in for a ban.
  4. Don’t abuse hash tags- in the mission of getting the most likes, you hash tag your pictures so much that there’s less picture and more popular hash tags to get your picture noticed, even top bloggers just copy paste mass hash tags to their posts and get hordes of likes.


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