Girls Going Commando – What Is It and why Is It So Cool?

What is Girls Going Commando

Going commando is the new in thing that many girls as well as boys are following because it sets them apart from the rest without the others really knowing about it. So basically going commando is the practice of not wearing underpants or panties under your clothes, in other words, free-balling or free-buffing for boys and girls respectively. Many girls are raving about going commando for all their outfits as nothing beats the liberating sensation that a lack of underwear can give!

Here are a few great things that you probably would like to experience by going commando- you’ll know why it is cool then!

So This is Why Girls Are Going Commando

It is Liberating

Yes, I said it again! It does make you feel more free, less restrained and more one with your skin. It gives you the feel of being au-naturel, the best part about it being that you don’t really need to make it so obvious or tell anyone.

No Worries About Those Visible Panty-Lines

Even if you put on the most lightweight seamless underwear, chances are that they will show their identity off your sheer trousers of fitted skirts. So why take a chance, just skip the undies and go commando! If you have a heavy butt or an unshapely one, you might want to rethink, because those camel lines will show anyways.

Was That a Burst of Pleasure? Yeah

You will experience some of these through the day, when the seams of your pants brush against your vagina as you sit, stand, cross your legs etc. It is bound to keep you feeling warm the right way down under.

You’re My Sexy Mama!

If going commando is liberating, it is also mighty sexy! You will feel the raw twang of knowing that you don’t have anything between your vagina and your pants. You will feel snug in a free sort of way. It is definitely being risqué, but then what’s the fun in the regular pair of lacy lingerie!

Keep Infections at Bay

Against the popular wrong belief that you’re inviting bacteria and other pollutants up there when you go commando, the truth is that you are doing exactly the opposite. The bacteria that cause problems are the ones that are generally found in the sweat, discharges and fluids that the vagina accumulates and throws out. When you wear underwear they get trapped on the cloth and are in constant touch with your vagina that allows growth of those nasty being in that moist environs.

Spice Up that Sex Life

You’re out on a date and you tell your partner privately that you are not wearing underwear. What happens? You are the only thing on his mind all evening and he just lusts about you! You become the center of his attention and he just wants to see you! In case you tell him when he just can’t touch you or express his surprise, just wait for the day to end!

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