How Do Girls Get Ready Everyday? (With Video Proof)

How do girls get ready?

‘Pink, green, blue? What do I do? I don’t know what nail paint looks cool and sexy. Common this is freaking me out. I just got an hour to get ready for my date. Make it fast, make it quick okay. …okay pink looks good.’

Tring tring. ‘Sarah what should I wear for the date? Jeans?’

‘Wear a dress.’

‘A dress? Are you dead sure about this? It’s so cold outside, I freeze!! Okay, the dress will look sexy, gotcha.’ Oh gosh, what bra should I wear, this one is too plain, hunt for something nice baby. Oh yes!! This wine colour one looks great. I am gonna wear a g string that is for sure, wicked me.’

‘Make up time!!!! Oh these eye lashes get stuck in the curler. Out, out, ouch..uff they are out. Now, for the lipstick. Woah!! How does this look, no, no it looks uh, not so sexy. Wait, just a sec, how can I forget this one? Let me try. Woh Man! Looks sexy and hot. Perfect, dahlin great job. And a pout, wow I rock.’

Hairstyle, blow dry, bounce, fringes, now it looks out of the world.

Tell me flat or heels. Grr, Iam so fed up heels. I wana wear flats. No baby, it won’t work. Wear heels, for this guy. He is tall too.

Iam ready, freak man Iam 30 minutes late.

Tring tring, ‘Oh! Iam so sorry, I got stuck in the traffic, honey I will be 40 minutes late.’

That is how girls get ready 🙂 Check this video.


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