{Four} Period Myths Exposed For Good

period myths exposed for good

“Oh, I just get uneasy during my menses,” Cathy was talking on phone with her bestie.

“Same here even I don’t like going out, cycling or swimming. Oh why girls have to bear all these things? Moreover, I feel scared wearing those thin pads what if they get tear in the middle of something” She expressed her fear to her friend.

OMG! Girls get periods every month and have been going through periods for years and still so many misconceptions they have, aren’t they? Moreover, nobody can understand the pain of period phase except girls themselves and girls can’t get their answers. This is totally miserable. However, 4 common periods myths are exposed for good in this video

Can I wear panty liners every day?

Sanitary pads are not the only way to keep your vaginal discharge in control. Even after periods are passed some girls experience white or yellowish discharge and you may want to keep your vagina clean. Using panty liners are the best way to control vaginal discharge and keep vaginal infection at bay. So yes, you can wear them every day or during the vaginal discharge.

Thin pads are good for nothing

These days thinner is better and you can take my words. You will not only enjoy the extra comfort while wearing those feather-weighted thin pads but you can be rest assured even if you’re experiencing heavy discharge.

Oh, okay, you’ve more questions? Why not watch this video and get educated? It’s time to have happy periods!



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