Flying Divas – Beauty Secrets of Air Hostess Revealed

Beauty Secrets of Air Hostess Revealed

Air hostesses have to look their best as part of their work policy on a daily basis 24/7. How can they manage to look so glamorous all throughout long-haul flights without any makeup issues and skin problems? For a fact that I know, many air hostesses spend less than 15 minutes on their make-up but ensure that they follow a regular skincare routine that is the key to their flawless skin and helps them survive the consequences of pressure, temperature and altitude on the skin. Here is a sneak peek at the best air hostess beauty secrets.

Air Hostess Beauty Secrets

Take Care of Your Skin

Air hostesses believe in taking care of their skin much in advance and on a regular basis in terms of hydration, exfoliation, moisturisation, cleanup etc. However tired they may be, they make it a point to remove makeup once they are about to rest for the day with non-alcoholic cleansers so that they don’t dehydrate the tired skin. Use more plant based products which help retain moisture and don’t strip your skin of the essential oils. Use a hydration mask often to keep the skin looking dewy as ever for longer periods of time. Stay wary of fried foods, chesses and processed snacks that have a high sodium content to avoid bloating.

Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate

This is a rule to swear by. Air hostesses revealed that they need to drink a lot of coconut water, cucumber juice and fresh vegetable and fruit juices from few days before an expected long flight to retain the water content of their skin. Once this is achieved, the makeup essentials do the trick. Even when on board a flight, they steer clear of caffeine and alcohol that cause dehydration and opt for fruit juices instead.


Stay away from using a lot of products on the hair as they tend to dry out the hair over a period of time and make them more brittle and susceptible to damage and breakage. They surprisingly have advocated the use of hair oil, or a pea sized amount of moisturizer or lip gloss rather than hairspray to set the hair in place and control frizz while in flight. Apply hair oil or serum to hair ends before a flight to counteract the effects of low humidity and lock in moisture. Use a wooden brush to control static.


Air hostesses use a variety of plant and mineral based makeup while preparing for a flight and even on board when they refresh their look. This includes a variety of BB (Blemish Base) and CC (Color Correction) creams all of which are light on the skin. They apply body lotion or body oil on their skin before take-off to keep the skin moist. Avoid waterproof mascara as it tends to dry the lashes when used for longer stretches. Use anti-fatigue eye serums to avoid that puffy, tired look of the eyes which can be diffused using concealers with light reflectors followed by tinted moisturiser instead of powder and a little blush and lip gloss to complete the look.


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