Five Best Places to Have Sex Other Than Bed and Bath Room

Naughty Facts About Sex

Couple who try to spice up their sex life look up all the options in which they can make a change to their otherwise predictable routine. They explore different positions to try, different themes and role plays if they are adventurous enough of even take the help of some sex toys that bless them with some enjoyable foreplay.

Have you ever considered doing the thing in a place that you haven’t tried yet? Experts say that having sex with your partner and doing the thing in places other the bedroom and bathroom sometimes can make you feel sexually empowered, help you understand what turns you on and in the bargain bring you closer to your partner. Getting the act on in a new location is all about adding to the thrill of the experience. So make sure you are prepared for it, that too with a trusted partner.

Open Terrace

There is something very liberating about making love under the stars on an open private terrace or balcony. The chill in the air, the view of the stars and the feeling that its you and only you for each other, right there when you are all bare naked, can do wonders for your relationship. To add to the experience you will want to make sure you have those soft and cuddly blankets in abundance while you make out.

sex in open terrace

sex in open terrace

Kitchen Platform

If its just the two of you at home and you have the whole house to yourself, then don’t forget to work your magic on the kitchen platform or counter. Have it well prepped for being made out on, keep the flowers handy and the pot of honey maybe! If the counter is small or the area is a little constrained take that as a challenge and try new positions to make the most of the little space you have.

Sex on Kitchen Platform

Sex on Kitchen Platform

On The Stairs

This is one helluva place to try your making out session. It is recommended that you take the risk to try out sex on the stairs at least once in your life, not because it is the most comfortable, but because it is challenging in terms of the optimum position to be used. You will have to try doggie style on all fours, or perch yourself up on your partner to allow penetration which makes it thrilling!

Sex on Stairs

Sex on Stairs

Couch Potato

The couch in your living room is the second most obvious place to have sex after your comfortable bed. It acts like a single bed, so you have an almost similar experience except that you have to work within the limits of that limited space! What’s more, you get to try different positions – kneeling down, standing on the couch, propping unto the cushions etc!

Sex on Couch

Sex on Couch


What better than to warm your bodies mingled together on a sheep skin rug in front of a fireplace in the living room? Keep the lights down, music on and the fire glowing to have a great time!

Sex on a sheep skin rug in front of a fireplace

Sex on a sheep skin rug in front of a fireplace


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