Look Neat and Elegant at the Gym, Fashion Tips For the Gym

Look Neat and Elegant at the Gym

Gym wear is no longer that loose fitting tee with a pair of jogging tracks or capris. It is now a full-fledged wardrobe section that is stacked with a lot of trendy and comfortable stuff that adds to the motivation of hitting the gym each day. Moreover, choosing the right fabric, style and pattern of your gym wear can almost help you make it through your workout safely, prevent irritation and rashes caused by sweat, help you look neat and tidy both before and after your workout and help you lose that sweat in no time. If you still are confused about what you must wear to the gym, here are a few guidelines on how you can accentuate your look easily and yet keep it cool.

Lycra and Spandex Leggings

Starting from the bottom, make sure you stop using those stretchable cottony leggings just because they are comfortable from ages. They must be sagging and out of shape by now with all the wear and tear. Material like spandex and lycra are stretchable and long lasting, are more apt to absorb rugged use and are breathable fabrics that make workouts fun without the stress. Opt for bright colors and neon tints, prints and geometric patterns to up the ante!

Crop Tops

Whether it is a layered top or a stringy crop top, they look best if you are in shape and can give you the much needed support in the chest area. Just make sure you aren’t flashing when you bend or stretch, so test all these angles before you leave the house for the gym, as flashing is not appropriate at least at the gym, when you do your push ups or bending yoga poses. Go for fit crop tops, layered ones that cover the midriff or bandeau style strappy ones.

Tank Tops

Lose and flowy, comfort is its middle name. Tank tops can be a blessing when you know you sweat too much as it allows enough air to breathe through.


The most comfortable gym-wear is now available in floral, geometric and color blocking styles in bright and neon colors. Best used when you plan to go jogging, cycling or a walk outdoors and the weather is chilly or you don’t want much exposure to the outside air. Also a savior when you have a sweaty tee inside that you want to hide!

Basketball Shorts

As the name suggests, these shorts are best used for outdoor sports and come in sweat repelling fabrics so they are light and dry easily.

Yoga Pants

Ideal for yoga or pilates, these pants are very comfy and breathable, stretchable and light on the skin. They come in varieties of high-waisted, low-waisted, capri length types and more. They come in great colors now.

V-neck Tees

The v-neck tees are a favorite with the youngsters and you can team them up very nicely with capris, pants, shorts or otherwise. Mae your gym time count.


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