Easy Everyday Hairstyles For Super Busy Girls

Easy Hairstyle Tips

There are times when you really get bored of simple ponytail and you want to look your best. Aah! Looking presentable, and experimenting something new are the demands of office-goers but at the same time you want something quick and really unique. Sometimes it can be office event or party and you don’t want to end up with a simple ponytail. Understanding your hectic schedule we came up with a unique video that teach you how to make easy hairstyles during your busy days.

In the video, the first hairstyle teaches you to add volume to the front section of your hair by back-combing and make middle ponytail to look different. All you need to grab some hair from the front section of the crown; back-comb them and flat them out a bit and tie up with a transparent or colored hair band. Now take some hair from either sides, cross them, knot them over the top as if you are tying it. Repeat the process again and insert some hair pins in order to keep them in place.

The second hairstyle continues in the same manner; however, this time you’ll take all hair from the crown section, flat them out and apply some hair spray. Take some hair from one of the sections bringing them to opposite side where the opening of the pony tail has. The part of hair put it inside where the opening has and use some bobby pins to keep them well-tied. What’s the next step?

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