5 Different Ways You Can Wear a Saree and Look Awesome

Different ways to wear Saree and look smart

Every woman looks beautiful in traditional Indian saree. Saree is a powerful symbol of beauty and dignity. It was popular outfits over the centuries. First evidence of Saree has been found in Indus Civilization. From Northern Region to southern Region and West to East region Saree maintains a strong presence. Saree defines one’s personality graciously. Do you know there are varieties of ways you can carry a saree to look beautiful? Here are some styles for you.

Bengali Draping Style

For a simple yet elegant festive looks Bengali Draping style is one of the best options. In this style the whole saree is wrapped around the body twice and two wide pleats are done at the front. A large key ring with keys holds the double pleated pallu at the back. Cotton saree is the best option for this style.

Bengali Saree Draping Style

Bengali Saree Draping Style

Butterfly Style

For a party look Butterfly Style saree is one of the best options. It is the modified version of traditional Nivi style saree. Here pallu is pleated extremely thin to show the midriff for a slim look. Chiffon saree is the best for this style.

Butterfly Style Saree Draping

Butterfly Style Saree Draping

Dhoti Style

For a new refreshing look in any occasion Dhoti Style is one of the best options. This style has been derived from traditional Marathi Style saree .It goes well with all body types. Here the bottom of the saree is draped like men’s dhoti. No need to use a petticoat or skirt here. Here the use of pins is more to hold the saree in right position. The length of the saree should be more. Light weight saree is the best for this style.

Dhoti Style Saree Draping

Dhoti Style Saree Draping

 Mermaid Style

For a stunning Mermaid look in evening party. In this style traditional style is blended with modernity. This style makes the front of the saree looks like a long skirt .This style flaunts the curves and gives the flares at the bottom. It is ideal for all body types and easy to carry. Bright colour Georgette saree is the best for this style.

Mermaid Style Saree Draping

Mermaid Style Saree Draping

Retro Double Drape Style

For a special look in a special occasion like your own anniversary. Bollywood actress Mumtaz made this style famous in early 80s. She has popularized this style  in an iconic song “Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar Ke” Wrap up the saree 3 to 4 rounds around your waist and make some layers to give a slimmer and sleeker look. Make the pleat narrow to show the midriff. Make sure that Pallu is above the hip level. This style will go well with high heel. This style gives you a sexy look. A Plain Light colour saree is the best option for this style.

Retro Double Drape Style

Retro Double Drape Style

Haven’t these styles inspired you to wear a saree? Choose your style and Drape your favorite saree and simply look gorgeous. Be ready to conquer the world.

BTW:  Bengali draping style is one of the popular styles in India.


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