What is Difference between Yoga and Power Yoga? Plus Three Power Yoga Tips for losing your Belly Fat

What is Difference between Yoga and Power Yoga?

Yoga is an age old workout technique that was invented by the learned sages of India. The focus of the yoga regimen is the steadiness of the poses and the pace. When doing the traditional Ashtang or Hatha yoga, it is necessary that you focus on every pose and perform it to the point where you know you can’t push it any further. This will give you a lot of health benefits and will show long lasting results slowly when practiced regularly with a balanced diet. On the other hand, power yoga is a westernised form of the traditional yoga that focuses on the swiftness of the poses and the transitional movement from one pose to another with each breath. The result is a higher and varying degree of cardio-like output that gives you faster results when practised regularly with a balanced diet.

Traditional yoga focuses on breathing patterns and steadiness of movement in set sequences that give your body great benefits. Power yoga combines these two with speed and balance fused with a cardio workout to give you more benefits. Power yoga helps to increase your stamina and flexibility along with your emotional balance. Yoga in itself soothes the mind and aligns the body to make it function well from the core. It also boosts your metabolism rate, increases blood circulation and boosts the immune system apart from a range of other advantages. In the power yoga format this goodness is just amplified.

Three Power Yoga Tips to Reduce Your Belly Fat


You must try the Bhujangasana or the cobra pose – start with the Sooryanamaskara poses until you come to the point where you have to lie face down on the floor and then place your hands beneath your shoulders and place your chin on the floor. Inhale and bring your chest off the floor and try to bend backwards as much as possible, depending on your ability hold this pose for 15-20 seconds and then reverse the Sooryanamaskara routine till you are back up. Do 5-10 reps.

Bhujangasana For Flat Belly

Bhujangasana For Flat Belly


Follow the same process as tip 1 till you lie flat on the floor. Now bend your knees and pull your hands backwards until you can hold your ankles while stretching your body like a bow. This is the Dhanurasana. Rock back and forth for more effect and complete the routine with the rest of the Sooryanamaskara. Do 5-10 reps.

Dhanurasana For Flat Belly

Dhanurasana For Flat Belly


Combine this asana with another one that requires you to lie down on your back. Then inhale and lift your legs straight up to 45 degrees and stretch out the toes. Then raise yourself with arms stretched out as if you were going to hold your knees but reach out to the toes. Keep the pose for 10-15 seconds while breathing normally. Do 5-10 reps with a 15 second relaxation in between reps to keep the body going.

Naukasana For Flat Belly

Naukasana For Flat Belly


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