WWE Diva Dawn Marie – Biography, Photos and More

WWE Diva Dawn Marie – Biography, Photos

Dawn Marie is a one-time proficient and trained wrestler from America and was born in 1970. She is also a professional wrestling supervisor and is widely acknowledged for her performances in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). She was a vital component and Diva of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) under her circle name, Dawn Marie.

Marie made her livelihood by working in a construction company before joining the sports entertainment world. She, later on, made up her mind to follow a profession in acting or modeling. She began working and supervising wrestlers towards independent wrestling promotions after getting in touch with a wrestling sponsorer.

Dawn Marie Biography

Real Name: Dawn Marie Psaltis

Popular Name: Dawn Marie, Dawn Marie Wilson, also her Ring names

Date of Birth: November 3, 1970

Place of Birth: Rahway, New Jersey, USA

Fan Mail Address: Dawn Marie Psaltis, MUDA Multimedia Entertainment, 2227 US Highway 1, Suite 272, North Brunsiwck, NJ 08902, USA

Occupation: Wrestler, Diva

Nationality: American

Dawn Marie agreed to a contract with Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). However, it went insolvent in 2001 and she was forced to leave. She then got into WWE and was detached from its bond when she made public that she was expecting a baby in 2005. This made her register a complaint against her previous employees.

Marie was brought up by her zoologist father. They would indulge in a lot of things together, like hunting and camping. When she was an adolescent, she was a huge admirer of the WWE and adored a few wrestlers, like Jimmy Snuka, Bob Backlund and Roddy Piper.

It was her ex-boyfriend who made her think about making a career in entertainment. This made her resign from the construction company and shifting into the entertainment world, with the aim of becoming a model or an actress. She has achieved great milestones like, being ranked 9th in the AskMen’s Top 10 and being ranked 3rd in Diva Dirt’s SmackDown! 5 and is a smart and confident individual.


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