Celebrating Friendships With Your Friends

We love our friends. Can you imagine one single day without your friends? try to do that. Very difficult, right? Yes, life without friends is difficult and something that we do not even wish to imagine. Friends are together at the time of happiness and well as bad times like we failing our exams 😉

We wake up in morning and first thing we wanted to do is have a chit chat with friends through messengers, WhatsApp and calls. We want to see what they have posted while we were sleeping, what they did when you were not together.

Who is your best friend? Who is the one with whom you want to spend your most of the time? Everyone has that special friend with whom we like to spend our time and create memories.

Let me take down a moment and share my little story with you. My best friend is Ashish. We met each other in college while pursuing our post-graduation. He came to Pune from a place which was 250KM away from Pune and had a total different lifestyle. The way he was wearing clothes, talking to us, eating food everything was different. We were like people from two different planets.

He was quite while I was loud, he was conservative while I was outspoken, he was composed and would keep himself calm even in situations when I would blast out in anger. We were absolutely opposite to each other and may be that is why we became close friends to each other.

We were 6 friends together in a group. He was one who would never attend any classes and ask for notes a couple of weeks before exams and we were shouting at him and giving him ‘gyan’ about attending lectures and classes and always he was the one who would score highest marks in our group. He was pretty good at giving such surprises.

We have spent a lot of good time together. Whenever we used to feel bored, I would ask him to take out his bike and we would be visiting nearby places and towns. The bike ride is something that I used to enjoy a lot. Whenever I look back and see our photos from college days… awesome is the only word that comes to my mind.

Bunking lectures together, going for ride, going to for lunches and dinner, hanging out in group, those nice Goa trips and water games and shopping on the streets everything was amazing and I still remember each and everything. I cherish and respect all moments that we have spent together.

friends together

friends together



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