Buying Tips – Lingerie For Your Wedding

Lingerie For Your Wedding

If you have your wedding being planned in the near future, it’s time for a lot of preparations – food, flowers, venue, hotels, trousseau, make-up, bridal dress – speaking of which, it is as important to think of lingerie that will keep you all through the wedding ceremony till you reach your room with your new husband. Why this is an important part of your planning list is that the lingerie you choose can either make or break your final dress outcome. You definitely don’t want lingerie that calls for more attention than you and your bridal dress. Not only will it look cheap and dowdy, but invites embarrassment from your guests and groom. Yes, your husband-to-be may want to see your sexy lace and net, but behind closed doors only.

Tips – Buying BRA for Your Wedding

Tips - Buying BRA for Your WeddingDepending on the colour, cut and fabric of your dress choose a seamless, supportive, padded and neutral coloured bra that compliments your figure. Ensure it is a perfect fit. It pays to shop for wedding lingerie just a little while ahead of your wedding as there is little scope of your weight or figure changing which helps keep the same fit of the lingerie on the wedding day. If you have a small figure choose moulded and thickly padded bras, and if you are a full-figured girl choose otherwise. Make sure that you get that perfect support and lift to get that curvy figure. Avoid wearing bold coloured bras under a white dress or coloured ones under your red dress, it will be better to stick to a nude choice or light pastel one matching your skin tone or dress. Create a smooth silhouette using seamless bras made of lightweight fabric like satin- avoid lace, net and leave it for the time when you change into something sexier in your bedroom.

Tips – Buying PANTY for Your Wedding

Step away from lace, net, thongs, G-strings, ill-fits etc. and focus on feeling comfortable while you are living your moment and saying your vows. Then you can also slip into something more sensual in the bedroom for your husband. Use boy shorts with lace or chic borders for a combined effect. Go for a seamless finish as your dress may reveal more than you may know. Consider using pantyhose with a built-in underwear and microfiber fabric to keep you going comfortably yet sexily! Either use a full rear coverage panty or a no-rear one like a thongs made of lycra minus the lace or embellishments to avoid it shadowing through your dress.

Slimmer, corsets, shapers and other such shape wear will keep you looking consistent for the whole day without worrying about your tummy showing or your butt looking too bulky or your thighs feeling loose and heavy. Once the ceremony is done, you can change into something more interesting that will flatter your figure.

Get your dress rehearsal done well in advance to ensure that there are no embarrassing peek-a-boos. It’s best to focus on comfort for the ceremony and save the sexy sights for the bedroom.


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